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Greek yogurt & mountain tea | Similar futures?

Greek mountain tea (GMT) has many things in common with Greek yogurt. They are both being traditional Greek products consumed for their great taste & health benefits. Similar to yogurt in the 90’s, Greek mountain tea  is relatively unknown outside of the Mediterranean basin & surrounding areas. However, it is gaining in popularity due to the fact that there are new products utilizing GMT being developed & that more attention is being paid to the substantial health benefits it has.

GMT can be directly compared to green tea, in terms of various health benefits. It also has many unique properties that continue to be discovered & studied. As a whole, GMT has the potential to become the next “Greek yogurt” if the trend continues.

From wikipedia:

Strained yogurt (often marketed as “Greek yogurt”) has become popular in the United States and Canada,[4] where it is often used as a lower-calorie substitute for sour cream or crème fraîche.[31] Celebrity chef Graham Kerr became an early adopter of strained yogurt as an ingredient, frequently featuring it (and demonstrating how to strain plain yogurt through a coffee filter) on his eponymous 1990 cooking show, as frequently as he had featured clarified butter on The Galloping Gourmet in the late 1960s. In 2015, food market research firm Packaged Facts reported that Greek yogurt has a 50 percent share of the yogurt market in the United States.[32]

The future will determine if Greek mountain tea continues to gain in popularity.