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The famous Greek mountain tea | Kilotea

Tsai Tou VouNou

Revered for its abundant health properties
Enjoyed for its mild, smooth, deliciously appealing flavor.

Slightly earthy with floral notes and subtle hints of citrus and mint.
Naturally caffeine free.

It is a single varietal herbal tea, made from the dried flowers,

leaves and stems of a native herb known as sideritis.

This fascinating plant, with its tiny pale yellow flowers,
light green buds and silvery leaves contains large amounts
of essential oils and is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
and has a broad range of phyto-nutrients – lab tested!

Organic and handgrown in pristine mountain
environments in Greece, at elevations in
excess of 3,000 feet. We do not blend it with
flavoring additives, it is just the pure herb in its
most natural form.

Research has shown it to be as potent as green tea at inducing cellular
antioxidant defenses and preventing oxidative stress. But it tastes a lot better than green tea
and with no caffeine it can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day or evening.
We use third party bio-analytical labs to test the antioxidant and polyphenol content of our mountain tea.

The Ancient Greek Philosopher Hippocrates, The Father Of
Modern Medicine, Hailed Greek Mountain Tea For Its
Benefits To The Immune And Respiratory Systems

Greek Mountain Tea is excellent plain but also pairs beautifully
with honey – almost as if the two were made for each other.

Typically enjoyed hot, but it also makes a delicious and
refreshing iced tea.

“Klio Tea is a great herbal tea option that’s packed with polyphenols! One cup of Klio’s Greek Mountain Tea packs 120mg of polyphenols, with no calories and no caffeine! And I’ve recently discovered just how amazing these teas are as iced teas! It’s an Awesome natural alternative to synthetic vitamin infused water! A great summer beverage for the whole family”

– Sarah Ballentyne, The Paleo Mom


You can drink it plain, with honey or as an iced tea.